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The best VIP escorts services in South Africa.
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All Female escorts South Africa / Maya

Call girl Maya, +27 640 910 248

South Africa, Johannesburg
+27 640 910 24824 hours
Please let me know that you found me through the website ;)
Call girl online now - Maya, +27 640 910 248

Maya (Johannesburg) is among the best cheap escorts in South Africa. ZAR 0 per hour

South Africa (Johannesburg) russian woman can be found on 24 7

Age: 29
Height: 172
Weight: 49
Bust Size: 2

Nationality: Singaporean

1 hour:
2 hours:
All night:
Outcall: yes
I'm Maya, a passionate Singaporean, ready to realize any your desire. Do you want me to show you a real lesbian show? I will caress and kiss a girl in front of you; I’ll do as you like, giving unforgettable oral pleasure. To achieve these I need my helpers - the dildos, so no one is left aside. I am ready to fulfill your every fantasy. Call me and you will never regret it.

Time to call: anytime

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Last update: 21.09.17
Ad number: 110244

Escort Preferences:
Vaginal sex
Oral sex
Anal sex
Oral without condom
Group sex / Gangbang
For family couples
Lesbian sex
Pussy licking
Role playing
Toys / Dildos
Golden Shower
Reviews and comments:
If you are visited Maya please leave your feedback. Note that all feedbacks will be checked before posting. Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope to see you again!
I need u
Wrote Rick at 14.01.22, 20:11:48.
Wrote Rick at 14.01.22, 20:11:26.
How is it are you available
Wrote Jackson at 26.12.21, 09:57:01.
Hi, are you available next week?
Wrote Byron at 17.12.21, 10:48:14.
Hi, are you available next week?
Wrote Byron at 17.12.21, 10:48:13.
Hi Maya. What would you charge for a night with me and my lady friend for a threesome. I am white, 43 well built
Wrote Dean at 11.12.21, 08:18:40.
Are you available how much
Wrote Ridi at 28.11.21, 16:37:51.
Are you still available
Wrote Bob at 27.11.21, 20:01:27.
How much per hour (outcall)?
Wrote a guy at 06.11.21, 21:16:58.
Hi Maya, I’m at city lodge hotel at Barbara road, u available tonight?
Wrote Luis at 03.11.21, 15:45:17.
I am in City Lodge Barbara road tonight are you available
Wrote Martin at 13.10.21, 21:56:34.
How much per hour
Wrote at 25.09.21, 20:26:53.
Are you available. I want sex
Wrote Tony at 25.09.21, 09:31:34.
How much is it per hour?
Wrote James at 25.09.21, 00:47:37.
What is your hourly rate and sleep over
Wrote Anthony at 01.09.21, 14:40:46.
Mh name Bassil
Wrote at 25.08.21, 15:24:06.
Mh name Bassil
Wrote at 25.08.21, 15:24:06.
What are the costs for an hour massage
Wrote David at 10.08.21, 07:45:10.
What are your rates for ,30 and 60 minutes,girlfriend experience,stockings and sexy stiletto shoes
Wrote Mike at 31.07.21, 21:37:08.
Wrote My name sanjay at 07.07.21, 16:59:59.
Wrote at 07.07.21, 16:59:21.
I want to arrange a sexy erotic massage for my wife
Wrote Antonio at 28.06.21, 19:32:05.
Are you ready for a great morning with fun and a lot of annergy with two brothers?
Wrote Jb at 16.06.21, 21:09:33.
Are you ready for a great morning with fun and a lot of annergy with two brothers?
Wrote Jb at 16.06.21, 21:09:33.
What do charge for sleep overs
Wrote Claude at 18.05.21, 11:48:53.
Ey blossoming rose
Wrote at 02.05.21, 01:01:22.
Ey blossoming rose
Wrote at 02.05.21, 01:01:01.
Hi Whats your rate for Sleep overs
Wrote Jack at 29.04.21, 23:37:08.
Where are you about
Wrote Francois at 18.04.21, 03:02:04.
I need 1 hours
Wrote Ai Osman at 28.03.21, 07:03:34.
Wrote Paul at 19.03.21, 15:27:26.
What are your rates and do you do out all?
Wrote AK at 12.03.21, 18:21:35.
Wrote Hennie at 24.02.21, 20:07:50.
Hi how much will you charge to come have drinks and be topless?
Wrote Bertie at 02.02.21, 20:10:49.
Hi how are you
Wrote Chane at 23.01.21, 16:27:42.
Wrote Justin at 23.01.21, 00:09:48.
How much do you change for an hour
Wrote Pieter at 18.01.21, 19:59:19.
Hi do you accept black clientele
Wrote Reth at 15.01.21, 16:56:21.
Hi Maya how r u ? How much u charging for 1 hrs Maya
Wrote Hi I m yasir at 11.01.21, 10:43:23.
Hii are you Available
Wrote Sameer at 03.01.21, 12:20:42.
Prive and area please we 2 guys that want fun
Wrote Martin at 24.12.20, 21:30:28.
Wrote Hasan at 11.12.20, 05:27:09.
Price please, I want to fuck
Wrote Lesego at 02.12.20, 22:39:53.
Which area are you and your rate
Wrote Gidi at 28.11.20, 10:47:34.
Hi babe Could you please send me your rates. Would like to visit you for an hour. In which area you working from?
Wrote Peter at 22.11.20, 05:40:44.
Price please i want to fuck you
Wrote Alex at 26.10.20, 10:15:35.
Price please i want to fuck you
Wrote Alex at 26.10.20, 10:15:29.
Price please i want to fuck you
Wrote Alex at 26.10.20, 10:15:27.
Are you available
Wrote Anton at 08.10.20, 14:47:23.
Wrote at 01.10.20, 10:38:46.
Hi how are you doing
Wrote Arif at 29.09.20, 21:56:09.
hy how are you doing
Wrote Ahmed at 19.09.20, 13:12:04.
Which area you work from
Wrote Toni at 13.09.20, 15:12:18.
If you swallow I want you right now
Wrote Cliff at 13.09.20, 11:43:22.
when are you available?
Wrote P at 06.09.20, 19:33:35.
What days are you free
Wrote Dave at 03.09.20, 02:29:21.
Hi babe where are u based?
Wrote Vicky at 26.08.20, 15:53:57.
What days you available
Wrote Dan at 16.08.20, 04:34:15.
Wrote Mike at 03.08.20, 12:42:45.
Hi babe need to hook up tonight for a good time
Wrote H at 31.07.20, 20:19:11.
Meet up?
Wrote Amy at 26.07.20, 18:50:19.
I do sex with you
Wrote at 05.07.20, 14:24:54.
Hey where you based
Wrote at 01.07.20, 00:12:28.
Hi I need a one night stand
Wrote Depour at 12.06.20, 06:50:27.
Hi are avai
Wrote Adriaan at 05.05.20, 14:43:33.
Hi , where are you based your fees
Wrote Quintin at 03.05.20, 15:03:14.
I do sex whit you
Wrote Ahmed at 03.05.20, 06:20:48.
I need you whole night do sex
Wrote Ahmed at 02.05.20, 09:11:19.
Hi how are u
Wrote Mike at 27.04.20, 07:46:47.
Hey are you free
Wrote Lee at 22.04.20, 06:58:35.
Are you free
Wrote Lee at 22.04.20, 06:57:12.
Hi Where are you located and are you offering services currently
Wrote Brandon at 17.04.20, 07:01:29.
Hi, r u free
Wrote Cow boy at 02.04.20, 16:27:59.
Hows your Saturday night lady?
Wrote GJ at 21.03.20, 00:59:47.
Wrote at 18.03.20, 21:01:01.
Wrote at 18.03.20, 21:01:01.
How much for an hour?
Wrote Joe at 18.03.20, 16:51:47.
I want you now for 1 round
Wrote Lebo at 17.03.20, 12:19:26.
Aviator hotel? Just arrived, or tambo
Wrote Eric at 13.03.20, 00:03:56.
Hey let’s hook up
Wrote David at 12.03.20, 05:35:07.
Wrote Ryusuki at 03.03.20, 14:53:25.
Hi Can I get prices please Thanks
Wrote Rudi at 29.02.20, 22:53:09.
Hey there. I think you e stunning. Im lonely and looking to spend time with you. Whats your prices and when can we organise a meet?
Wrote Gus at 26.02.20, 01:35:48.
Can you come to my place if possible, willing ti pay cash tip aswell
Wrote Steven at 25.02.20, 17:34:11.
Hey there are you available right now
Wrote at 24.02.20, 16:37:25.
How much do you charge and are you free now
Wrote Jaco at 22.02.20, 21:38:05.
Hi maya . You’re speaking to Jerome. I am located in Pretoria - Lunnon court. I’d like for you to come over to my place and provide me with your sublime service. Please get back to me as soon as possible.
Wrote Jerome at 17.02.20, 18:05:32.
Are you free know
Wrote Teto at 10.02.20, 22:30:55.
Do u charge
Wrote Saba at 09.02.20, 03:47:37.
Hi What is your rate for a sleep over
Wrote Corrie at 08.02.20, 22:19:12.
How much is one hour and where are you
Wrote Johann Day at 30.01.20, 20:51:22.
Sex one hours
Wrote Mahmub at 30.01.20, 06:24:25.
Hi how much an hour and where are you
Wrote James at 24.01.20, 20:35:29.
Hi is it possible too come too my place
Wrote Willie at 18.01.20, 18:25:01.
Hi how much for anal for an hour
Wrote Piet at 17.01.20, 21:27:04.
Hey looking for fun tonight at menlyn
Wrote Simba at 11.01.20, 01:46:11.
Hi, how much for an hour? And where are you
Wrote Michael at 08.01.20, 11:16:57.
What is your rates?
Wrote Adriaan at 03.01.20, 13:50:51.
Wats ur rates like and when are u available? I am in valhalla
Wrote Luke at 28.12.19, 13:45:32.
I need girl
Wrote Abd at 27.12.19, 20:17:21.
I am in Pretoria need to be fucked Rates
Wrote Cliff at 21.12.19, 22:42:49.
Hi, how much for an hour? And where are you based?
Wrote steviej at 19.12.19, 02:58:46.
Wrote Dan at 10.12.19, 11:27:56.
I am in Pretoria need to be fucked
Wrote Izzy at 08.12.19, 19:14:36.
Hi, how much for an hour? And where are you based?
Wrote O at 07.12.19, 12:34:11.
Wow, thats what I call beautiful... Going to be difficult to do 1 hour only with you, LOL
Wrote at 01.12.19, 23:47:21.
Wrote at 01.12.19, 04:06:57.
Wrote at 01.12.19, 04:06:57.
Hi how much is it an hour and I am in Middelburg will you be able to came over and stay the night please
Wrote Eben Smit at 29.11.19, 16:23:09.
How much for one hour, please sms of possible
Wrote Eric at 26.11.19, 08:30:22.
How much
Wrote steviej at 23.11.19, 03:44:58.
How much
Wrote steviej at 23.11.19, 03:44:39.
How much
Wrote Tiny at 19.11.19, 09:47:43.
Hi u available tonight what is ur charges
Wrote Hussain at 18.11.19, 18:05:12.
Hi, yo, give me some luv. Just trying to make first contact before calling. Whats up babe
Wrote Gln at 17.11.19, 18:13:26.
Wrote Gln at 17.11.19, 18:12:10.
Hi Are you about now nr lynwood
Wrote Gln at 17.11.19, 18:03:23.
How much for all night
Wrote Ronny at 17.11.19, 12:48:11.
You available right know I’m honey
Wrote Lebo at 16.11.19, 05:39:16.
How much for all night
Wrote at 11.11.19, 09:59:20.
Wrote at 11.11.19, 09:59:04.
Rate for 1 night
Wrote Vinu at 09.11.19, 12:23:45.
Are you available
Wrote Johan at 05.11.19, 13:33:28.
Hello sexy I wanna fuck that Asian pussy
Wrote James at 03.11.19, 07:48:06.
What araaare you in Would you enjoy an outcall and at what price
Wrote Marc at 29.10.19, 00:17:58.
Hi. Are you available this afternoon? what are your rates?
Wrote Dean at 28.10.19, 13:45:48.
Hi, are you available?
Wrote Daniel at 28.10.19, 00:35:01.
Wrote Xoli at 27.10.19, 13:39:38.
Hi, rate for a weekend camping please?
Wrote Pieter at 23.10.19, 07:12:40.
Wrote Harley at 22.10.19, 16:06:33.
Hi whats your price
Wrote at 18.10.19, 00:15:07.
Are you available
Wrote Rory at 13.10.19, 10:15:22.
Are you available
Wrote at 13.10.19, 07:30:58.
Hi whats your rate for an hour to fuck me
Wrote Brian at 12.10.19, 12:19:08.
Hi What is your rate for a sleep over?
Wrote W at 02.10.19, 05:35:39.
Hi What is your rate for a sleep over
Wrote W at 02.10.19, 05:35:09.
Wrote Joe at 02.10.19, 01:06:43.
You available babe
Wrote Joe at 02.10.19, 01:06:12.
Hi hallo how are you i love to play whif yhor pussy
Wrote Marius at 22.09.19, 18:19:18.
What is your location pls?
Wrote at 21.09.19, 19:54:21.
What time are you available tonight
Wrote Pete at 17.09.19, 16:55:26.
Hi. Rates please
Wrote at 13.09.19, 13:10:47.
Where are you based
Wrote at 01.09.19, 16:44:54.
Hi.. where are you based
Wrote Lekaeka at 30.08.19, 21:26:05.
Whats your rates gorgeous
Wrote Dinesh at 29.08.19, 15:21:51.
How much per hour
Wrote Alex at 28.08.19, 11:02:01.
How much for 1 hour for outcall
Wrote H b at 23.08.19, 23:15:04.
Hello sexy girl my name is nathi from Pretoria Hartfield Im looking for fun
Wrote Nathi at 13.08.19, 17:22:07.
Hi there.. Which area and how much per hr
Wrote Jaco. at 10.08.19, 18:38:35.
How much , location?
Wrote Rhamncwa at 10.08.19, 13:27:40.
How much , location?
Wrote Rhamncwa at 10.08.19, 13:27:39.
how much one hour?
Wrote at 26.07.19, 01:00:32.
Send me location n price
Wrote Lion at 23.07.19, 07:51:18.
Whats the rate and location for you and a friend to do the kesbian threesome later today.
Wrote Rowlands at 10.07.19, 07:21:31.
Hi the price
Wrote Jan at 08.07.19, 15:21:51.
How much an hour in
Wrote Peter at 06.07.19, 23:03:15.
How much an hour in my place
Wrote Peter at 06.07.19, 23:02:35.
Where are you located?
Wrote George at 02.07.19, 21:13:07.
hi there would like to book u what is your rates
Wrote kallie at 29.06.19, 13:27:18.
Hello Maya, I am interested in making a booking next week sometime. Kindly advise what are your rates. Have a great day further
Wrote Jaco at 27.06.19, 14:12:40.
Hello i am interested in booking you what are your rates and location
Wrote Carl at 27.06.19, 13:35:03.
Hello i am interested in booking you what are your rates and location.
Wrote Jaco at 26.06.19, 12:30:38.
So I wanna make some money
Wrote Rhaine at 12.06.19, 00:28:50.
Hi happy to see your pic I like it whats your rates
Wrote Bless08 at 10.06.19, 11:22:35.
Hi how are you.i see your pick and i like it can I come to meet you.Any time soon.
Wrote Bless08 at 10.06.19, 11:17:18.
Hi there, Extremely interested please tell me what are you rates. Thank
Wrote Jaco at 07.06.19, 13:55:51.
Are you available tonight for a couple and what are your rates
Wrote Raymond Harris at 06.06.19, 17:48:02.
Wrote Mark at 30.05.19, 12:04:40.
Wrote at 15.05.19, 17:25:49.
Hi What’s you rate and location?
Wrote Annesh at 13.05.19, 10:44:18.
Rate for 1 night?
Wrote at 28.04.19, 06:46:17.
Please what is your rates
Wrote Luke at 15.04.19, 13:26:41.
Hi what is your rates and location
Wrote Nick at 15.04.19, 01:11:28.
Wrote Sganley at 01.04.19, 20:55:54.
Rates and location for you and a friend to do the lesbian treesome
Wrote Cuta at 17.03.19, 13:13:31.
Hi what is your rate and location
Wrote Martin at 24.02.19, 06:25:25.
Hi what is your rate and location
Wrote Tony at 24.01.19, 09:52:08.
Location andvrates
Wrote at 31.05.18, 15:11:23.
Hi what’s your hourly rate
Wrote at 24.03.18, 19:14:08.
Location and rates ?
Wrote Capo at 01.03.18, 21:12:32.
Hi what are your rates per hour
Wrote indianbeaut at 26.02.18, 21:09:58.
Wrote ahamed at 02.02.18, 20:20:10.
Hi baby, what is your rates per hour. Nice pictures. What area in Pretoria are you form. Thanks, David
Wrote David at 16.01.18, 11:17:32.
Where u located?
Wrote Dino at 27.12.17, 04:24:14.

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